Week Two Happenings!

Who would have thought that a simple request  to come to Amuri Area school from 16 year old Tomas Mones-Cazon, the eldest of 7 children, would have led me to the most incredible family and the opportunity to milk cows again after 50 years?

We were blessed with great farm cooking from mum (Lou ) and son (Nico), and refresher lessons in the cowshed from Dad (Paco).

Chatting with some of the ladies who attended the Amuri area school evening.

Milking with Paco has been one of the best days of my life. Not sure the experience was so great for the cows!

The 7 fabulous Mones-Cazon children. Tomas is closest to the window.

Paco and Lou enjoying their Argentinian drink called Mate (Mar-tay). It’s their alternative to coffee, tea, and alcohol. Personally I thought it smelled like Fijian Kava – I couldn’t be tempted.

This week has been light in terms of speaking – two parents’ evenings at Amuri Area school and Christchurch Boys High.

Yesterday was my usual radio slot with my beaut partner John Cowan on Radio Live, which you can pick up from miomo.com/media.

Today I had an incredible interview with the talented broadcaster Kathryn Ryan on her Nine to Noon show on Radio NZ.
Listen here: LISTEN

Next week we will be speaking at Otago Girls High School on Monday and Balclutha City Impact Church on Tuesday. Keep letting your friends know to come to our FREE event. Register right here on the site.

In case you are wondering, Simon and I are getting along really well. The odd sarcastic comment such as ‘do you have to chew so loud?’ have been moderated when the said accuser also realized that he chews loudly on Nut Crunch breakfast cereal.  There are certain things you can’t get away from in a small space 🙂

Check out our Freedom Camping spot tonight just south of Timaru!

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