Week One Report

What a sensational week! It’s been a learning curve operating our beautiful Traillite motor home. Simon has done brilliantly driving ‘Our Happy Place’. I am settling in and telling him how to drive less and less as I gain confidence in how the vehicle drives (Simon here – need lots of encouragement please for Yvonne to actually drive our ‘Happy Place’ as she is way too confident as a passenger!). Cooking is a dream – everything is at my fingertips without feeling crammed.  Our ensuite bathroom and dressing room is huge and the shower pressure is fantastic!  We sleep like logs in our luton bed with a high density foam mattress. The bed is smaller than our king at home and our bottoms do occasionally touch when we bed hog – but hey that’s not such a bad thing is it? 🙂

Radio Show remotely broadcasted from Taihape

I had fun broadcasting my weekly radio spot from the lounge of our moho in Taihape while eating a great pepper steak pie purchased from BP. How fab to pay for the diesel with prepaid cards kindly donated by BP and AA Smartfuel!

On to more educational matters! Four schools and 8 talks later – here we are crossing the strait to the South Island sponsored by Traillite. My messages have been received well with some wonderful feedback.


As a parent and educator I was treated to an enlightening evening where simple but sensible facts around parenting were delivered by Yvonne with sincerity and belief that was nothing short of inspiring.
I would encourage communities around the country to engage in promoting evenings of this nature that empower and inspire parents to build on developing their children into tomorrows future for Aotearoa NZ.
Andy Fraser, Principal Otaki College

Yvonne delivered an entertaining and passionate message that hit the mark. Her common sense, practical and caring approach to parenting resonated with us as parents and educators.  An awesome evening for our Otaki Community. Thank you Yvonne!

Craig Vidulich, Principal, Te Hora Primary School, Otaki

Thank you very much for your hugely helpful and humorous Parent talk in Taupo.   Before I came, I was feeling very upset and exhausted, desperate for concrete suggestions for what and how I could do better to parent our son.

I really identified with many aspects of the parenting type (that are not helpful for YAdults)! Your Parenting YAdults book is fantastic and a valuable guide.  We have worked on the household jobs roster this week so am looking forward to leaving my servant role!

Christine Nash (Parent)

Crossing the Strait for our South Island adventure

800 Cambridge students sitting on the cold hard floor!

Otaki Parents

Kapiti Parents

Doing what I do best – talking! My Radio Live parenting panel spot from Taihape

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