Yvonne Godfrey’s passion is to strengthen family life.
‘Families today are under a lot of pressure – with some of it being self-generated.
Many parents are making life more chaotic than necessary and some are even becoming the ‘unpaid servant and the banker’ to their gorgeous but indulged
kids.’ Yvonne adds. ‘Over time, all streams of my work have led to some common sense and effective strategies that equip families to live a secure, thriving
and mentally well way of life. I want to see family life become more rewarding instead of it being primarily an endurance race!’


These short clips are from the video how to resolve conflict with your kids.

I am committed to helping parents equip their children to become responsible, independent and successful young adults.
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Press Release

Ten years since she began helping young adults transition from teenage to adulthood, Yvonne Godfrey will take her Auckland-based Stronger Families teachings to the rest of New Zealand on a 13-stop speaking tour of New Zealand. Travelling and working from a custom-built TrailLite motorhome, Godfrey’s destinations include schools and communities from Cambridge to Invercargill.
An author, speaker and media personality, Godfrey’s lessons for tweens, teens and young adults include confidence, independence and responsibility, building healthy relationships and conflict resolution; these aspects of young adulthood are often sorely missing these days, says Godfrey, and it doesn’t bode well for a strong, happy family unit.
“Today, we have far too many young people growing up unable to relate well to people face to face. What’s more, parents and schools seem less willing or able to teach their kids the people skills and behavioural boundaries they need to do well in life. It’s a new societal problem that requires us to look at the whole family.”
The straight-talking 63-year-old grandmother can be heard broadcasting elements of this wisdom on Wednesday’s with Wendyl Nissen on Radio Live. Yvonne has appeared offering advice on several TV shows, radio stations, newspapers and magazines.
One of Godfrey’s leading aspirations is for parents to create a “family brand” that provides an environment they and their children can thrive on. Feeding content for the upcoming tour are the books she has written over the last four years, private family coaching, and the creation of the 9-year-old 4-day holiday independence programme for youth, MIOMO.
last year, Making It On My Own; 52 Smart Way to Smash It in the Real World  for teens and young adults was released. The latter reached the top 100 NZ library reads for 2017, and collectively, Godfrey has sold over 8,000 copies and sales are still surpassing expectation.
An inspiring speaker at Auckland schools like Auckland Grammar School, Saint Kentigern’s College, Kristin, Dilworth and Rangitoto College, Godfrey has been described by AGS Associate Headmaster Ben Skeen as “a passionate and dynamic presenter who…has an invaluable presence in the educational landscape. She blends old-school truths with current research on the mental and emotional development of adolescents”.
When schools engage Godfrey to deliver both her student day talks and parents evening talks they, naturally, pay her a speaking fee. But as a one off for this series of events she is gifting her time and wisdom to “sow” the Stronger Families message into those schools and communities.
TrailLite Motorhomes and Caravans have generously eased the tour costs by sponsoring the Godfreys’ vehicle and passenger ferry crossing.
The idea of touring in a motor home came from Godfrey’s desire to try living and working in a more relaxed fashion in the years approaching her retirement. But it was a humble request from a 16-year-old Amuri Area School student in a remote part of the South Island that cemented the decision to hit the road. An avid Youtuber and the oldest of 7 siblings, Tomas Mones Cazon wrote:
‘Hi there, my name is Tomas and I’m a year 12 student from Amuri Area School. Can you please do a talk at our school for students?’
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